Restoration: 1970 C3 with performance modifications

The original engine was blown, so this car was prime for some updates.
Corvette 1970

Original 350 small block
Corvette 1970

OEM Rochester Q-jet 4bbl Carburetor
Corvette 1970

Power brakes
Corvette 1970

Front suspension needs to be replaced
Corvette 1970

Rusted rotors, springs and calipers
Corvette 1970

Corvette 1970

Right side brake and rotor
Corvette 1970

Front suspension needs to be replaced
Corvette 1970

Out with the old engine
Corvette 1970

Overview of project
Corvette 1970

Corvette Converting from drum brakes to four wheel disk brakes

Common problem with older cars, sagging doors
Corvette disasemble control arm tower

Laying down the paint
Corvette 1970

Painted at back at the shop waiting for engine install
Corvette New control arms

Engine moved into position
Corvette New upper and lower control arms, bushings and pins

New suspension, rotors and brakes
Corvette Drum replacement

Everything replaced in engine bay. Just need to drop in the engine.
Corvette Drum and brakes gone

That looks nice.
Corvette Four wheel disk brakes conversion

Everything replaced, cleaned and locked in place
Corvette Conversion to power steering

New exhaust installed
Corvette MagnaFlow exhaust

Running and ready to road test!

road test

First Road Test!!

Posted by Corvette Care on Monday, April 4, 2016